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Is it time to start worrying about inflation?

Everyone is talking about tariffs.  But is all this talk stopping us from having a conversation about inflation?  Tariffs are inflationary, but with a robust manufacturing environment, we are already seeing:

  • More job openings than unemployed people
  • Shortages and price increases for some commodities such as raw materials and freight
  • Multiple manufacturer price increases in key MRO supplies


Inflation has not been a problem for Motor Vehicle Parts as the Producer Price Index has only raised 0.6% annually since Jan 2013 and 12% in total from Jan 2004 (per Federal Reserve Economic Database).  However, with shortages and some pricing clearly on the move, we should be prepared for inflation that cannot be offset by productivity.

In this webinar, Market Economist and Strategist Jon Gabrielsen, will provide a historical perspective on automotive parts manufacturing inflation and the potential impacts of tariffs and inflation cost structures moving forward.


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