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On-Demand Webinars

Resins – Top Tips to Achieve Optimal Costs

With resins the prices you pay may or may not be linked to the actual costs of production. Why do some resin prices follow economic movement and some solely base upon supply and demand in the marketplace? What are the current resin pricing and cost trends and what should buyers of resins and plastic components be doing to achieve the best pricing results?

Why You Can’t Trust Your Suppliers’ Quotes

Are supplier quotes grounded in reality or a product of fiction? Doug Hicks has spent his career helping manufacturers understand their cost structures so they can quote with a clear understanding of their actual costs of production.

Cost and Collaboration in the Automotive Industry

In partnership with the Original Equipment Suppliers Association we surveyed sales and marketing professionals to get their perceptions of how their OEM and major Tier 1 customers are negotiating when it comes to cost. Who is perceived as negotiating competitively and collaboratively?

6 Ways to Improve Your Team’s Savings Pipeline

It’s not too late to take a couple of different approaches to identify and implement cost savings. In our on-demand webinar we will present 6 methods we have used with clients (and you can use without us) to achieve savings. All can have a positive impact on this year’s savings.

2019 Resin Outlook

Over the past year APD has helped clients achieve 8-10% savings on $80 million of resins spend. This on-demand webinar will provide an update on trends likely to impact resin availability and pricing in 2019 and an understanding of how others are using feed stock cost models to understand and manage pricing.

Is it time to start worrying about inflation?

Inflation has not been a problem that Motor Vehicle Parts has had to face in the last 90 years. With shortages and some pricing clearly on the move, should we be prepared for inflation that cannot be offset by productivity?

Using Should-Be Costs Models in Price Negotiations

A fast-paced webinar for purchasing professionals who negotiate with suppliers to achieve the best pricing possible. Learn best practices for analyzing supplier quotes against should-be cost models, understanding supplier cost structures and steps for successful price negotiations.

Software that Enables Better Decisions

Check out this review of APD’s ProcureForce, software that helps purchasing make better decisions and get better results. You’ll see how ProcureForce can easily send e-RFQs to suppliers, evaluate supplier quotes and quickly respond to sales with a buyer estimate.

What to Do if Your Purchasing Practices Are Not Providing Should-be Costs

Learn how to deal with customers pushing sales people for fast and accurate quotes for new programs and potential design changes.  These compressed time windows do not provide adequate time for purchasing to obtain quotes from suppliers.

ProcureForce Deep Dive

ProcureForce is APD’s technology platform that provides buyers with a direct look into supplier cost structures, enabling organizations to build and apply should-be cost models to achieve unparalleled savings. Learn how the RFQ process is much more efficient with built-in E-Sourcing functionality, and buyers have the analytics at their fingertips to collaborate with suppliers to optimize costs, both on existing products and new programs.

Implementing Should-Be Costing

Increasing value from the supply chain can be achieved through should-be costing and a collaborative approach to cost management. In this webinar we show key collaborative cost processes and how they are supported and optimized by APD’s ProcureForce software.

Adding Value on New Programs

58% of the CEO’s we surveyed questioned the value their purchasing organizations drop to the bottom line. An often cited statistic is that 70-80% of a products cost structure is determined during the time it is being developed.